Motor Protection Circuit Breaker (MPCB)

0.16-0.25 A0.25-0.4 A0.40-0.63 A0.63-1 A1-1.6 A1.6-2.5 A2.5 A4-6.3 A6-10 A9-14 A13-18 A17-23 A20-25 A24-32 A30-40 A37-50 A40-80 A48-65 A62-73 A65-115 A70-150 A70-80 A100-220 A160-320 A250-500 A
Direct Rotary Handle to On/OffPush Buttons to On/OffRotary Handle to On/OffToggle Control to On/Off
EasyPact TVSTesys Power
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0.16-0.25 A, 0.25-0.4 A, 0.40-0.63 A, 0.63-1 A, 1-1.6 A, 1.6-2.5 A, 2.5 A, 4-6.3 A, 6-10 A, 9-14 A, 13-18 A, 17-23 A, 20-25 A, 24-32 A, 30-40 A, 37-50 A, 40-80 A, 48-65 A, 62-73 A, 65-115 A, 70-150 A, 70-80 A, 100-220 A, 160-320 A, 250-500 A

Push Button/Rotary Handle

Direct Rotary Handle to On/Off, Push Buttons to On/Off, Rotary Handle to On/Off, Toggle Control to On/Off


EasyPact TVS, Tesys Power


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