MEHVBHDY315A48 - Capacitor - Box Type | Heavy Duty | 480V | 31.5 kVAr | Schneider Electric

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MPP-H Duty Box 31.5 kvar 480V 3Ph 50Hz

Range PowerLogic
Product name PowerLogic PFC Capacitor
product or component type Heavy duty capacitor
Device application Stand alone PFC equipment
Fixed bank
Direct connection with machine
Reactive power rating 31.5 kvar
Rated voltage 480 V
[In] rated current 37.9 A
Network frequency 50 Hz
Dielectric loss 0.2
capacitance tolerance – 5 % to 10 %
[Imp] maximum permanent current 1.8 x In
Inrush current Up to 250 x In
Maximum switching operation per year 7000
Service life in hours 130000 h
impregnation material Non-PCB
Bio-degradable PUR resin
Operating altitude 2000 m
Connections – terminals Bushing terminals for large cables
Direct busbar mounting for banking
Capacitor connection 3-phase delta connection
Safety function Pressure sensitive disconnector for every phase
Discharge device
Self healing
Fixing mode Mounting cleats
Depth 153 mm
Height 355 mm
Width 309 mm
net weight 7.5 kg
Standards IS 13340-1993
IS 13341-1992
IEC 60831-1/2
Ambient air temperature for operation -25…55 °C
Relative humidity 95 %

Additional information

Product Type

Box Type


Heavy Duty



kVAr Rating

31.5 kVAr


Schneider Electric


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