Closing Release

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Range of product EasyPact MVS
Range EasyPact
Device short name XF
Product or component type Closing coil
Device application Control
Range compatibility EasyPact EasyPact MVS circuit breaker
Voltage release type Closing coil
Control type Electrically operated
control signal type Maintained
[Uc] control circuit voltage 220/250 V AC/DC 50/60 Hz
Threshold tripping voltage Remote control: 0.85…1.1 Un closing
Supply holding power 4.5 VA
4.5 W
Supply inrush power 200 VA 200 ms
200 W 200 ms
Response time 70 ms at 800 A (EasyPact MVS)
70 ms at 100 A (EasyPact MVS)
70 ms at 1250 A (EasyPact MVS)
70 ms at 1600 A (EasyPact MVS)
70 ms at 2000 A (EasyPact MVS)
70 ms at 2500 A (EasyPact MVS)
70 ms at 3200 A (EasyPact MVS)
70 ms at 4000 A (EasyPact MVS)

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220V AC/DC


EasyPact MVS/NS/NW


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