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This Harmony XALD empty control station has 4 cut-out for 4 push buttons / 4 functions for controlling of operation in machines. This 4 cut-out dark grey empty control station enables machine builders to customize their machines by easily adding any control and signalling functionality units on the enclosure according to the operation required. It is designed for simple and mass production machines, textiles, packaging, handling small lifting systems, control of garage doors, rolling shutters, smoke extraction vents. It is compatible with Harmony XB5 range push buttons, switches and pilot lights. It is impact resistant, dust resistant, water resistant, corrosion resistant, and vibration resistant thanks to its IP69 / IP67 / IP66 / IP69K, making it ideal for operation in harsh environments. It can be retrofitted with all XB5 series push buttons, pilot lights, selector switches and joysticks. Its wide range of operating temperatures from -40?C to 70?C allows versatility in usage of product.

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Dark Grey

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